Virtual Retreat House

These programs will resume after Jan 22nd -- our internet service provider is installing a new underground line at the commercial building housing our studio.

This is the place to come to connect with other members - live, interactive with video and audio.   We love it!!!! 

Here on Sew Like A Rock Star (SLARS),  we believe that we are about so much more than 'just' sewing.   Through the last few years, many beneficial relationships have formed between the members.   One method that has produced many hours of enjoyment for many people are our "Zoom Rooms".  If you're new to this, let us explain: 

If you don't know about , you should check it out.   Zoom is available for use (with a small, free app) on most devices- computers, android & iOS.   You can fire up a 40 minute Zoom with your friends and family - free of charge.   When you click into one of our links for the first time, you may be asked to download a "Zoom Cloud Meetings" for that device.   

We have two paid accounts which allow us unlimited time and up to 100 members in a session.  

Some sessions are done "Meeting" style and some are "Webinar" style.   We encourage you to explore these and get great benefits from these. 
Meeting Style is more face-to-face interactive with each other. 
Webinar Style allows for Q&A times and tend to be recorded. 
Both may include close up video of projects and techniques - we have an amazing audio/video system!!!

Recording:   We may record some sessions so that other members may view the sessions at their leisure.   By entering the session, you give permission to be included in any recordings.  

VIP Sewing Club

Casual, social events. The VIPs come and go and enjoy this space for hours every week. Must be VIP to attend. Moderated by other VIPs and sometimes the SLARS staff. Once you are subscribed as VIP, you will have access to this special page in your member area. There, you will see the current meeting zoom # to join in. These are always done meeting style.

Rock Star Studio Sews

Access to VIPs and those with ROCK STAR LIVE ACCESS (see below) . These sessions are usually done webinar style as Sally sews some of the work being used in current productions. Recorded when feasible. With proper access, you will be able to join in through the active zoom # links in the room. When you look at the upcoming events, please register for the session. You will get a reminder email. We try to offer these at various times of the day and week. These are casual and not meant to take the place of completed workshops. Q&A's are available for the topic at hand. These are meant to be more social, interactive and slow paced than a finished workshop episode.

Sewcial Space

Same Access as above: VIP or ROCK STAR LIVE ACCESS pass holders. This is meeting style - and totally casual and fun! Meet with other members and sew together, show and tell, and enjoy some great companionship with people from all over the world. May be recorded so others may enjoy at their leisure. May have special topics offered (at member request). Room may also be used (schedule allowing) by groups of members that would like to use this service. We will throw some surprises around in this group.

Angels Program

This is a special area for our members that enjoy spreading some love by helping others. VIPs and ROCK STAR LIVE ACCESS subscriptions do not apply. This is an entirely separate, obviously optional, group of members.
The "subscription" to belong to this group and access the Angels Room is a $25/year donation of which the net proceeds will be used in a way to lift others - or - anyone that has been involved in our previous charitable efforts will be manually added to this space. In the sessions, we organize and fund projects as well as we may talk about our progress, or make decisions on where to spend the money. This is an incredible group of people. After joining the group, we organize our efforts to help others or lift spirits.


Etiquette for all sessions

When you join the meeting, please use your full first and last name.
Mute out if you are not talking. Background noises are probably louder than you think.
If you turn off your video, depending on the type of session, you may get removed.
Try to keep conversations to be of interest to most.
Try to keep upbeat. Please try to avoid politics, religion, death, sickness and talking about places and people that others don't know (or care about) for more than a minute or two.
No recording is allowed - in any manner. We will record and offer recordings for the members when appropriate.
Sessions are the property and copyright of Sew Like A Rock Star LLC - and no part, duplicated in any manner or medium, may be used without written permission.



More about the Angels Program

2018 or 2019: In the works: This is Sally's pet project! Life changing dental work for one person with genetically missing teeth.
Sally had her own dental implant work done in May of 2016 after life-long, painful and disfiguring issues with genetically missing teeth. Dental implant work is about $40,000. In order for Sally to obtain the work, she moved in to an RV (her "Sewmobile") to live frugally so she could afford the work. It's changed her life in amazing ways - it made her business easier and she met her "Mr Sally" just 4 days after her surgery. So the story:

During a chat with her dentist during a pre-op appointment in April of 2016, she learned that he had just completed a patient and did it "pro bono" (very little / no cost to patient). At that time Sally made the commitment to support the dentist's charity by having her business (SLARS!) contribute the amount needed to change one person's life forever. She promised that when she makes the final $10,000 payment on her own work (hopefully soon!), she intends to present another $5,000 to Renewing Smiles to cover the raw costs of providing services to one of her dentist's next pro bono patients.

In 2016, the death of her daughter and subsequent sabotage of her business derailed her from getting her final work done... but it now there's a light at the end of the tunnel and this project is not forgotten by any means! At the time of this writing (August 2018) she is still very much committed to pay for one pro-bono dental implant patient when she makes the final payment on her own dental work. Please see THE VIDEO of Blake's Story.. so you can fully appreciate how amazing it will be to have us be the source of this life changing gift for the next person from Sew Like A Rock Star and Sew Much Nicer Community. Sales from certain patterns or other efforts are being contributed to fund this. You'll see more about this as we go along.

Some of our recent efforts:
2018: A hotel room was paid for to keep a young woman safe for one night.
2018: Beautiful plants were delivered to two members that lost their husbands.
2018: A "Love Quilt" was made by the VIP members that was sent to a member in South Africa who lost her husband tragically. The fund paid for shipping.
2017 - present: Gifts of VIP membership are donated to help lift spirits of deserving members.
2015: Several members supported a mother and her 2 kids by keeping a roof over her head (hotel rent) and paying for groceries while she was waiting out getting her first paycheck from her new job.
2015: A new sewing machine was sent to someone who wanted to learn to sew to "feel better". She had almost died herself and her husband did pass. She found us and we "Love Bombed" her with packages of sewing necessities.

​Note: This is NOT a "charity" by IRS standards, nor has it ever been. Liken it to an envelope getting passed around the office when a need arises. Sew Like A Rock Star LLC has formed a separate checking account for this "Sunshine Fund". Any and all money received is income to SLARS and ***if*** any money is donated to a qualifying charity (many of the things we do are not deductible by anyone) the deduction is taken by SLARS. Likewise, income into the fund is taxsble to the business. Final decisions as it relates to dispensing funds is done by the staff of SLARS. Keep in mind that credit card fees, etc are also paid. Larger donations to any qualifying charity may be made by the individual members so they may take the tax deduction.

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