New System Explained, Sally Sew A Longs, BONZA!, Mojo

Here's what we're covering in this "magazine" for you today:

🌺🌺🌺 Our Venues - and how to enjoy them! 🌺🌺🌺
🌺 BONZA! is starting and we don't want anyone to miss out.
🌺 Mojo & Mojo Mods (Mojo Modifications)
🌺 COUPON CODES and where to always find them

Hi everyone!

These Friday messages are becoming colorful and fun to write... and after the positive comments about our last one, let's do this again tonight!

As we're cruisin' into another Colorado weekend, we have lots going on. After dropping everything one day this week - getting ready for another "Bomb Cyclone" that basically didn't happen - we're grinding away to get some good things your way!

The team has spent much time in the last 2 weeks to build and prepare our systems! We have them up, running, and organized for you all to join in! We know there is confusion out there - but that happens when we are doing things, as a community, that nobody else does! So let's explain it all! There's so much to get excited about!

Let's go!

🌺🌺🌺 Our Venues! πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊ
The MAIN purpose of this message is to help lift a little bit of fog for ANYONE that may be having any frustration or confusion. We're giong to take a shot at explaining what you can expect and enjoy from each of our service venues. Each does serve a purpose. πŸ€“

We are trailblazin' here.. and can that be a bit overwhelming? Maybe. We get it. But, every week we hear from people that tell us how amazing the experience is once you try out the things we have for you! So here's the run down of the main services we use:

🌺 Facebook
🌺 Mighty Networks
🌺 Our site: 
🌺 Zoom
🌺 Support

The focus of each one:

🌺 Facebook. It's a love/hate thing we have with them! 😊

Pros: It's where we all met, for the most part.

Most people use it.

People are conditioned into how it works.

It's easy to post and comment.

Easy to do live videos.

Cons: It's losing its popularity/likability. We get comments frequently from our customers/members about how they either don't want to be on it, or they only come for our group. Most recently, with the Craftsy Chaos that went down in December (email that explains that is here) , we had many new members say they were grateful they did not have to have FB memberships to have memberships on our site. What does Nordstrom's say? If you hear it once, there are 20 more customers out there that are thinking the same? In any event, we see this as a valid reason to not be co-dependent on FB.

Bad notifications. It is NOT working like it used to. We have had serious issues with people not getting their notifications of activity we have done on that platform - even when they have tried to get notifications set properly.

Inconsistent. Many people think they have notifications set properly on FB, but in reality, even if they did set their account notifications set up correctly, FB has been known to change those settings. Many of our members have gotten confused and frustrated.

Important stuff scrolls off. Frustrating to find info, sometimes.

Live video is not dependable. We had two videos last year that were re-formatted by FB after the fact. They were good for 48 hours, then it was unexplainable as to why they were reformatted from landscape to portrait mode - ruining them.

Not organized. Very difficult to keep important info in places where members can go back and find it.

Our focus on FB: To keep discussions going there and continue to have it be a landing place for new members to find us.

Realizing the issues, we are putting effort into alternate platforms that we can count on to be reliable.

What we suggest: Enjoy the main group Sew Much Nicer Communityon FB for the live videos and discussions. But look to Mighty Networks for important information, notifications, updates, etc.

🌺 Mighty Networks. (MN) A social media platform that is more organized, as well as having killer-great notifications that YOU CONTROL to get only the content you want, and how you want to receive the notifications.

Network: This is our main account. There are groups and topics within this foundation network.
Groups: Much like FB, but all of our groups are under our main network.
Topics: Categories of content that exist inside any group or the main network
Chat: If enabled (as it is in the VIP group so far) , it allows members a space to chat in the open - much like FB.

Pros: Organized. Info stays where it belongs. It has the advantage of having sub groups and topics... to keep groups of people together according to interest or membership on our site... and topics to organize info and discussions.

Integrates with our site. By having memberships or enrollments in your account on , we are able to automatically grant access to certain groups within MN .

Clean looking!

AMAZING NOTIFICATIONS that are very reliable. You are in total control of setting what topics or groups you want to stay in touch with... and how you want to receive notifications: on the mobile app, in email, or both. Or... not at all.

Cons: As with anything, there is a learning curve to MN to understand the cool hierarchy of the system.

 Mobile users sometimes have difficulty understanding where they are within our network. We strongly suggest to all users that they explore MN on a browser - such as a real computer or browser on a tablet. This gives a better look at the layout. From there, the mobile app will make more sense.

Our Focus on MN: To help members stay in tune with the projects and other content that they desire. This is also the CORE of our information that is commonly asked about - so the FAQs are becoming very useful to help members... especially new ones.

 Notifications are AMAZING once a member sets them up properly. To stay in the loop about live events or new things added to the site or projects, this is the way to get it!

Coupon Codes are easy to access.

Sharing Pictures and Discussions are well implemented on MN.

To Join Mighty Networks: Just use this link (or give to a friend) to get access to the main network: JOIN HERE - FREE

🌺 Our Site: (Rock Star)
This is our home base. All enrollments, purchases, and delivery of PDFs and videos happen through here. This is where our main database of members resides - so access to the areas on the site as well as in MN is based upon your account on Rock Star.

Pros: We have a custom site. We are adding new features every month. Some are minor, some are amazingly wonderful. Just explore!

Our most recent integration was to "sync up" to Mighty Networks to easily give access to groups of enrollees or memberships on the site to the areas of MN that provide updates, info, discussion, and notifications for individual projects.
Workshop Videos in Bite-Size pieces. We break up each course into smaller, focused procedures so that it's easy for you to dive into the things you want, avoid the things you may not want to view, and EASILY go back to things you may want to see again.
Flexible. We are able to provide your access to all content on the site by either a membership (such as VIP) , or individual enrollments in specific projects.

PDF Patterns & Tutorials: Full tutorials for our new projects are only offered after we have completed copyright legalities. Meanwhile, every video course we offer contains the PDFs required (such as pattern pieces) to easily work with the videos.

Cons: We still depend on other services, such as Mighty Networks, to provide features such as discussion and notifications.

🌺 This is a teleconferencing software that is free for our members to use. It works on any device. We use it for:

• Our team "storefront". We are on it every day as we work together on all parts of the site, classes, customer service, etc. If a member has a problem, we sometimes invite them in to help them out face-to-face.

• VIP zoom "hang-outs". Especially on the weekends, we may fire up a zoom so that the VIPs are able to drop in and out and enjoy some sewcial time with each other. This is one of the big benefits of VIP - and it's probably difficult to appreciate until you experience it and get to know this fabulous group of people.

Sally Sew-A-Longs are delivered through a zoom meeting. We have an amazing tech setup that allows you to see the sewing close up on one side of the screen while on the other, having the ability to converse, ask questions, and get to know others in REAL TIME (no delays) . It's amazing. You must be enrolled in the Sally Sew-A-Long Invitation list in order to receive the notifications for these live events .

In order to use Zoom, you just need a camera enabled device.

• Occasional "Open House" or "Customer Service" events - especially when we are rolling out something new. This helps all users get a chance to try zoom or get assistance with a new feature we may be launching. Or.. sometimes... just to open it up to have some fun with each other.

So now, lets get to our current work this week! 

🌺🌺🌺 BONZA!NEWS 🌺🌺🌺

🌺 Picking the fabric. First, a heads up! πŸŽ‰ We have chosen to replace the fabrics used in this workshop. We're pretty excited!

We have pulled the plug on promoting anything Tula Pink, Free Spirit, or Jaftex-owned for the time being. It's a somewhat long not-nice story behind our decision, but we feel we're doing the right thing. Many discussions are going on in our FB groups as well as in the VIP-Only Secret MN group about it all if you're interested in the backstory.

For our BONZA workshop, I've decided to go with Quilting Treasure's Carnivale. It currently (at the time of this writing, anyway) is available at . Here's our associate link for - we hope you shop with us! 

 Carnivale at ! 

I'll be using the one above for my exterior.... and look at these yummy co-ordinates!

Carnivale at

Some of the coordinates are being discontinued... and some are still reorderable. I found it super interesting that after I mentioned this on some of our internet venues yesterday, the "main" design got re-stocked! lol... I think it had like 40-50 yards available when I bought yesterday, (I was thinking it would be enough to help some of you grab it! lol) ... then this morning, I see it had this 279 yard availability!

Some of the coordinates are on their way out, so I suggest - if you are looking at getting this line - that you head over right away so there is this full selection of the yummy designs. πŸ€“

The minute that I get my Carnivale order in, I'll match up zipper and thread colors for this line.

🌺 Frames for BONZA!

Part of the glory of BONZA!, besides its unique and wonderful size, is that it is reinforced by lightweight, heavy duty rods. This gives this bag an amazing structure that helps it keep its good looks under use! has sets of rods for BONZA!

Sally's son, Joel, manufactures the frames for Mojo and BONZA! in Colorado, USA.

🌺 Zippers!
He also is a major US source for YKK zippers. He ships daily. You will get your orders very quickly!

Remember, VIPs get a 60% COUPON CODE off of all zippers every day.
Periodically, there is a 30% off code offered publicly.

He carries a bright and beautiful rainbow of over 100 colors (more than anyone else!) in the four most well-used, versatile sizes. My personal stash that is hanging in my studio is shown below... look at those yummy colors!

For BONZA! You'll need one #4.5 zipper that will be trimmed back to 28" . Consider cutting a 40" one down (it already has two pulls on it - which gives a nice look!) or maybe buy extra pulls that add interest to your project - as shown below to have a little color pop to set off your perfect zipper tabs. 😁 The pulls are easy to swap out. If you haven't seen it, there's a fun FREE video on the site called Fork U. 😁

For the interior of the BONZA!, you will want up to five #3 zippers - 14" ones work well (they're easiest to install if they are trimmable) - they will be trimmed back to 10" during construction.

Check out the store here:
Don't forget to use COUPON CODES! More on that in a bit. πŸ€“

Now for the BONZA! workshop... a few reminders...

1. Mighty Networks! (MN) We use the MN as the platform for announcements, updates, discussion and amazing NOTIFICATIONS as you desire.

If you're VIP or you have enrolled in the BONZA! Workshop , you want to make sure you're in the Project: Bonza Workshop GROUP in our main Mighty Networks (MN) network. Looks like this:

The purpose of this group is to have ANYONE that is INTERESTED in Bonza to have the opportunity to join in, browse, see what's happening, and GET NOTIFICATIONS (if desired) of what we're doing with the project!

Then, please get acquainted with the TOPICS within the group... please FOLLOW the ones you desire so they show up in your feed when you visit MN.

To "follow", just hover your mouse over the topic and the option to "follow" will appear. Alternately, as I have done here, hover over the topic to see if you are already "following". 

2. All important stuff is delivered through .
... the PDFs and videos are delivered through the workshop here:

Be sure to log in and make a free account to the site (if you don't have one already) and then the link above will take you to the page looks like this.... 

🌺🌺🌺 MojoNEWS 🌺🌺🌺

As you can see, we have had lots of focus on BONZA! this last week or two, but we also did do a little work on Mojo!

 The Mojo Mastery Workshop IS HERE.  

As you have read above about our venues and BONZA, look forward to all of this being built for Mojo in the coming days!

One feature of the Mojo Mastery Workshop will be the "Mojo Mods" (Modifications) that we intend to roll out throughout 2019.
Currently the first Mojo Mod was added to the Workshop on the site last week.

🌺🌺🌺 Coupon Code  NEWS 🌺🌺🌺

Remember, Coupon Codes can be found in our Mighty Network!

🀩 Are you all in and excited to have fun with us doing BONZA! ???? 🀩
If you already are enrolled in the BONZA! workshop or you are a VIP, you're already IN! You can skip on down to the Sew-A-Long info if you'd like. πŸ€“

For those of you still wanting in....

 There are currently three ways to get access to this workshop:

1. $79 BOGO -buy one get one free. ($158 value)
- combined with the Mojo Mastery Workshop.
BONUS: full access to the Basics Collection of videos ($75 value)
TOTAL VALUE of this bundle: $233

$79 is for both workshops. Buy either the BONZA! or MOJO Mastery Workshop and enter the COUPON CODE of BONZA! and the other Mastery Workshop will be added to your member area on within an hour. You will have full, permanent access to both.


2. $59 ( $79 value) Only want to try BONZA! ? That's cool. 😎
Take $20 off by using the COUPON CODE of BONZA20
BONUS: Full access to the Basics Collection of videos ($75 value)
TOTAL VALUE of this bundle: $154

Use the coupon code at the time of your purchase of the BONZA! Mastery Workshop.


3. $129/year ($229 value) VIP Program.

Note: Due to the large number of new members we have coming on board to this year in the wake of the Craftsy Chaos, (link for those of you that thrive on knowing what happened! lol 😜) , we have extended the January 2019 special of $50 off the 2018 price of $179 for the time being so our newest members don't miss out. At some point this year, the regular yearly price is planned to go up to $229. But for now, we're loving being able to do this for all of our new folks. ❀️

Alternately, we also have extended the Lifetime VIP special as well.
Details on the site.

Please see the VIP membership benefits and options on:


Many perks! Here's just a few... including:
• Full access to all recordings on 
• Live, fun, interactive, "hang out" sessions via zoom with other members
• 60% off zippers EVERY DAY... shop.sewmuchnicer is our sister store (run by Sally's son's family!) Joel ships VERY FAST.. usually within 24 hours during the week. Currently stocks over 100 juicy colors in 4 different sizes for your bag making enjoyment!
• First head start to all project in the works that are not published yet!
• Secret, exclusive VIP only group where nothing (at least not much!) is secret!
(you will be sent an email shortly after joining that gets you in there!)
• Lots more perks.. check out the VIP BENEFITS for complete details

The VIPs always have had a space to talk freely about things as we are working on them, and WELL IN ADVANCE of the work being published to the site. As you are working on BONZA! , you will probably really enjoy what we do!

Just wanna say... I'm so grateful for the many messages we get every week about how even seasoned sewists have learned tips and tricks, and have enjoyed the companionship of other like-minded sewing folk by being part of the Rock Star Community. I'm truly blessed to be in the middle of such an awesome group of people! We know you will appreciate all of this, too, when you are with us. ❀️

Oh... and as a by-product to all of this wonderfulness, you will probably create the most high quality end result that you have ever done! We truly work towards helping you create an item made with enjoyment, fun, peace and craftsmanship that you will be proud to own, use, and show off! ❀️

Now that we have this AMAZING POWER of GREAT NOTIFICATIONS ...

We realize that our Workshop Enrollees and anyone that was still looking into the workshops didn't have a place to keep up with BONZA! ... so, just in the past week, we started a focused group in Mighty Networks for everyone that HAS AN INTEREST IN BONZA! and is excited about staying in the loop and having discussions with other people that are enjoying this project. From all of our experience, we know that everyone comes together to create a great place to get help if you are trying to speed ahead! While it doesn't take the place of the workshop, if someone in the community can't help you (about 50 Retreaters and VIPs have already made BONZA at the time of this writing), then we have my staff that can take a swing at any question, and then... I'll try to come in and help as often as I can, too. 🌺

The questions raised in the group will help us make the videos and accompanying pdfs even better!

The VIPs and everyone enrolled in the BONZA! Mastery Workshop were automatically sent their invites into this group in the past week - through some automated magic from my developer. This will be a really great group of people when I get all of you rounded up in there. 😘

Important Note: About the Sew-A-Longs for this project... 

If you have been watching, you should know, in March, we had several short site service interruptions (not our fault!) These caused us to seriously re-evaluate how the Sally Sew-A-Longs (SSAL) were working. We have enabled a new system, that you can see explained here: Sally Sew-A-Long Invitation Group

Now with having the ability of the super-effective Mighty Networks notifications, we are able to keep our work rolling along better than when we had scheduled events that were vulnerable to failures - mostly due to tech/site vendor issues. The new SSAL was put into action this week and we had great results.

VIPs: As always, you will get access to all recordings. If you want to enjoy the participation by getting a seat in these live Sew-A-Longs , be sure to subscribe to the list. Info below works for you, too!

We encourage you to look at the Sally Sew-A-Long Information 
The current special we are offering gives you:
1. One year of invitations to ALL Sew-A-Longs for ALL projects!
2. Savings of $89 over the regular pricing
3. BONUS: $10 Coupon Code to be used on zippers, frames, etc
4. BONUS: One of our fancy, schmancy new pins we just got in!

See complete details on Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List 

Sound like fun? It IS!!!

So many great things moving forward now!

We hope you join us! 

Oh...a few last things ...

If you're just getting ready to go shopping, here's our associate links to our favorite sources:

Frames, Rods, & Zippers - My son's store in Colorado - 
Fabric -
More Yummy Fabric - Fat Quarter Shop - 

Thanks for being with us... be sure to set your notifications as you desire for this group... and watch for updates through your MN notifications!

-Sally and her Rock Star Team