Mojo Sew A Long yesterday - BONZA! on Saturday, April 20

Hey all!

We had a great week!

We did one Spontaneous Sew Day early in the week so I could make the first sample of the Route 66 Mojo. 

Then we did a Sally Sew A Long (SSAL) yesterday - it got off to a bumpy start, but the we got in the groove with the new system and it all went fantastic! More about that in a bit....

We had about 25 people make it. Not bad for a weekday!

We started out with this...

Then did some zipper tabs, and got to here... 

And then got completely done with this yesterday!

This series was recorded, so give our guy some time to get the videos polished up and on the site. Anyone that is VIP or is subscribed to the Sally Sew A Long Invitation List will see the videos added to their member area on when they are completed.


BONZA! Sew - A - Long - Saturday, April 20th

Fabrics, Zippers, and Threads are ready to rock!

Fabric: Carnivale from our link on 

Zippers, Threads, Rods: From 
Zipper colors chosen: 905, 918, 2011, 2013, 2019, 2029, 2039
VIPs: Remember your 60% discount works!
King Tut Thread options that I like: 917, 918, 1042

Remember to get a set of rods, too. πŸ€“

For tomorrow, we're going to be doing BONZA, starting at 10 AM (mountain) if all goes well!

Remember, to get in on Sew-A-Longs, the info is here:

Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List Group

To get a seat in the live event, make sure you have reviewed what is here:
Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List Group

Tomorrow will be recorded. All VIPs and those subscribed to the invitation list will get the recordings automatically added to their member area as soon as they are processed and published to the site. 

About our new system:

We originally scheduled "sessions" at time intervals to accomodate breaks, prepping for next session, etc.

The intent of the SSALs is to have FUN. We discovered early on yesterday that we can take a break AND still have the attendees enjoy their time together while the staff is getting ready/taking breaks/ etc.

Here's how it works:

1. Remember that all zoom invitations are sent from our Mighty Networks (MN) Invitation Group. This is fast & easy & EFFECTIVE! If you are not in the SSAL Invitation List Group, here's where to subscribe:
Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List Group

2. About 2 hours before the first session starts, you will get a notification from our MN system. It will contain the link that will take you to the party. πŸ’ƒ

3. Meeting opens at least 30 minutes before the section of the SSAL begins. This is meant for everyone to have fun, get to know each other, and ask questions while we finish up getting ready to start. Very casual time.

4. We go through one session - then we shut down that meeting and within a few minutes, the next link goes out to the SSAL Invitation Group. This allows late comers to get into the next session. It allows current attendees to jump right back on - no waiting.

5. Remember... these are RETREAT STYLE get-togethers. They are meant to be fun, and you all are able to participate, live, in real time. 

6. Rinse and repeat. πŸ€“

7. The cool thing: We can keep moving along and use our time productively. Everyone has a chance to get enough breaks.

All other details are here:
Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List Group

If you have questions, be sure to jump in on our Mighty Networks and get comfy!

🌺🌺🌺 Coupon Code  NEWS 🌺🌺🌺

Remember, Coupon Codes can be found in our Mighty Network!

🀩 Are you all in and excited to have fun with us doing BONZA! ???? 🀩
If you already are enrolled in the BONZA! workshop or you are a VIP, you're already IN! You can skip on down to the Sew-A-Long info if you'd like. πŸ€“

For those of you still wanting in....

 There are currently three ways to get access to this workshop:

1. $79 BOGO -buy one get one free. ($158 value)
- combined with the Mojo Mastery Workshop.
BONUS: full access to the Basics Collection of videos ($75 value)
TOTAL VALUE of this bundle: $233

$79 is for both workshops. Buy either the BONZA! or MOJO Mastery Workshop and enter the COUPON CODE of BONZA! and the other Mastery Workshop will be added to your member area on within an hour. You will have full, permanent access to both.


2. $59 ( $79 value) Only want to try BONZA! ? That's cool. 😎
Take $20 off by using the COUPON CODE of BONZA20
BONUS: Full access to the Basics Collection of videos ($75 value)
TOTAL VALUE of this bundle: $154

Use the coupon code at the time of your purchase of the BONZA! Mastery Workshop.


3. $129/year ($229 value) VIP Program.

Note: Due to the large number of new members we have coming on board to this year in the wake of the Craftsy Chaos, (link for those of you that thrive on knowing what happened! lol 😜) , we have extended the January 2019 special of $50 off the 2018 price of $179 for the time being so our newest members don't miss out. At some point this year, the regular yearly price is planned to go up to $229. But for now, we're loving being able to do this for all of our new folks. ❀️

Alternately, we also have extended the Lifetime VIP special as well.
Details on the site.

Please see the VIP membership benefits and options on:


Many perks! Here's just a few... including:
• Full access to all recordings on 
• Live, fun, interactive, "hang out" sessions via zoom with other members
• 60% off zippers EVERY DAY... shop.sewmuchnicer is our sister store (run by Sally's son's family!) Joel ships VERY FAST.. usually within 24 hours during the week. Currently stocks over 100 juicy colors in 4 different sizes for your bag making enjoyment!
• First head start to all project in the works that are not published yet!
• Secret, exclusive VIP only group where nothing (at least not much!) is secret!
(you will be sent an email shortly after joining that gets you in there!)
• Lots more perks.. check out the VIP BENEFITS for complete details

The VIPs always have had a space to talk freely about things as we are working on them, and WELL IN ADVANCE of the work being published to the site. As you are working on BONZA! , you will probably really enjoy what we do!

Just wanna say... I'm so grateful for the many messages we get every week about how even seasoned sewists have learned tips and tricks, and have enjoyed the companionship of other like-minded sewing folk by being part of the Rock Star Community. I'm truly blessed to be in the middle of such an awesome group of people! We know you will appreciate all of this, too, when you are with us. ❀️

Oh... and as a by-product to all of this wonderfulness, you will probably create the most high quality end result that you have ever done! We truly work towards helping you create an item made with enjoyment, fun, peace and craftsmanship that you will be proud to own, use, and show off! ❀️

Now that we have this AMAZING POWER of GREAT NOTIFICATIONS ...

We realize that our Workshop Enrollees and anyone that was still looking into the workshops didn't have a place to keep up with BONZA! ... so, just in the past 2 weeks, we started a focused group in Mighty Networks for everyone that HAS AN INTEREST IN BONZA! and is excited about staying in the loop and having discussions with other people that are enjoying this project. From all of our experience, we know that everyone comes together to create a great place to get help if you are trying to speed ahead! While it doesn't take the place of the workshop, if someone in the community can't help you (about 50 Retreaters and VIPs have already made BONZA at the time of this writing), then we have my staff that can take a swing at any question, and then... I'll try to come in and help as often as I can, too. 🌺

The questions raised in the group will help us make the videos and accompanying pdfs even better!

The VIPs and everyone enrolled in the BONZA! Mastery Workshop were automatically sent their invites into this group in the past week - through some automated magic from my developer. This will be a really great group of people when I get all of you rounded up in there. 😘

Important Note: About the Sew-A-Longs for this project... 

Now with having the ability of the super-effective Mighty Networks notifications, we are able to keep our work rolling along better than when we had scheduled events that were vulnerable to failures - mostly due to tech/site vendor issues. The new SSAL was put into action this past week and we had great results.

VIPs: As always, you will get access to all recordings. If you want to enjoy the participation by getting a seat in these live Sew-A-Longs , be sure to subscribe to the list. Info below works for you, too!

We encourage you to look at the Sally Sew-A-Long Information 
The current special we are offering gives you:
1. One year of invitations to ALL Sew-A-Longs for ALL projects!
2. Savings of $89 over the regular pricing
3. BONUS: $10 Coupon Code to be used on zippers, frames, etc
4. BONUS: One of our fancy, schmancy new pins we just got in!

See complete details on Sew Like A Rock Star Sally Sew-A-Longs Invitation List 

πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ Sound like fun? It IS!!! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ 

So many great things moving forward now!

We hope you join us! 

We appreciate you all so much!

-Sally and her Rock Star Team

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