Very Special SNEAK PEEK - Love Quilts! Enjoy the pics!

Hey everyone... 

RipStitcher here.  😊  I'm grateful to know that many of you have been with me and my team for years - probably because of Bionic Gear Bag or Mojo or our new BONZA! - but you probably don't know about everything we have going on with , Mighty Networks ( link to join us FREE is at the end of this email) , and especially our VIP program.

The VIP program has grown to be an amazing thing.   While it's fine to join us just for the perks of full access to our projects' pdfs and videos, or a 60% off coupon code on zippers, or the killer good thread buys, or the interactive zoom days,  etc... there is so much more to love - if you are so inclined.  🌺   After writing the message below to my VIPs... I thought this would be a real change of pace for everyone to see.   πŸŒΊ

What you are seeing below is exactly what I just pushed out to the VIPs that have joined the Secret VIP Group on Mighty Networks - it was sent earlier this afternoon. All of these members received it right away and were notified according to their preferences they chose on Mighty Networks. (the notifications are crazy amazing!)   

Please note: I've removed the names within this email for the members' privacy against the jerks out there that thrive on hate.  Some idiots hide on our list as fake names then bash everything we do.  (Imagine finding negative in what you're about to see!)   Anyway...  Seems some people are just too mean and stupid to just unsubscribe! ... I digress...   

This is the actual message that went out today in our app.  I hope this gives you a chance to get a peek into some of what we do.  Enjoy! 

- - - - - - - - 

🌺 🌺 🌺 Love Quilt-ers... we are on a mission.  πŸŒΊ 🌺 🌺


Hey gang....  

I'm pushing this notification out to all VIPs.   I know that many of you are still making your way around our Mighty Network (MN).   If you still get lost in figuring out the hierarchy of this system, please consider visiting and exploring on a real computer for a bit and then start to use your mobile devices.   It really helps to understand how everything nests together so beautifully on MN.   Moreover, remember to set your notifications for your own desires there - it's AMAZING how reliable these are - and how AWESOME it is for you to be in TOTAL CONTROL of what you want to see and get notifications for.  

So today....

This is from the "Love Quilt" topic inside the Secret VIP group inside our Mighty Network.   If you feel so inclined, please follow the topic so you won't miss a thing and you will get new posts in your main Sew Like A Rock Star Mighty Network feed.

We've got lots going on!  
First, I'd like to thank all of you that have been contributing blocks and * AMAZING MEMBER #1 and * AMZING MEMBER #2 for their dedication to helping our Love Quilts come together.

What is a LOVE QUILT?   We have been building quilts made of squares from our members to be used in a quilt that can be sent to someone when we know they could use the powerful positive love that comes from our community.




 We started out a little over a year ago to make the first Love Quilt for AMAZING MEMBER #3 in South Africa after her husband was murdered by burglars when he innocently walked into a very bad situation at their neighbor's house one morning.   THIS AMAZING MEMBER has been a loyal member with me for a very long time - so it was just heartbreaking to feel what she was going through in the loss of her dear hubby.   THIS AMAZING MEMBER entered her Love Quilt in an exhibition in a park near her.   She was so proud of the "quilt that came from America".    We love you, AMAZING MEMBER!

PS.. I'll try to get around to writing the story of NAME's  "Ruler Quilt"... or maybe she'll post and let you all know the backstory there.   ❀️

8<   - - - -    >8

The second one, more recently, went to AMAZING MEMBER #4  last November.   You may know her hubby NAME because he makes the awesome wooden point turners, seam ripper/stilettos, and ruler holders for us periodically.   Their son, NAME, has serious health concerns and is in long term care.  The family had extremely distressing times when a close call almost lost him last year.   NAME (and NAME and NAME) shined through the experience, and for the moment, all is good.   AMAZING MEMBER has also recently shined through some medical tests of her own.   NAME is truly one of the SLARS sweethearts - everyone loves her.   A Love Quilt was given to her as a token of how all of us are with her as the challenges come her way.   

How cute is this?   We caught her napping out in the screen room at the Florida retreat house in her Love Quilt...  




Where we are now... 

We currently have one quilt top (Love Quilt #3)  that is assembled, and the last I heard, it was on it's way back to AMAZING MEMBER #1  to be quilted.  Yay!

I know NAME has already received more blocks and we are on our way to creating a fourth quilt.    And right now... that's a good thing!    

I learned of another person that could really use the positive thoughts and energy of our group as quickly as possible.  (NAME - we gotta talk!  lol) 

So we're hoping you will visit the "Love Quilt" topic in your Secret VIP Group inside our Mighty Network... 

Remember... we all might have come together because of silly sewing projects... but what we do is so much bigger.   

πŸ’  Sewing is just the "excuse" that brings us together.  πŸ’

🌺   I'm so blessed to be in the midst of the love of so many amazing people!  πŸŒΊ

- Sally and her Rock Star Team

 - - - - - - - - - END OF MIGHTY NETWORK MESSAGE - - - - - 


If you'd like to get in the loop with us,  it's FREE to join our Mighty Network. There's so much to love about what we do!   Here's my personal link that will get you right in... 



πŸ“Œ  One note:  We have been up and running on Mighty Networks (MN) now for about a  month.   We started with our VIPs as our "Beta" group... and we've had a 99.9% positive feedback from our members.   Crazy good, riiiiiight?   So the link above is now being shared with everyone.   Feel free to share it with your sewing friends, too.  🌺

We hope you give it a shot and explore and experience it all - but remember, we 're NEW to it and we have lots more to add to this to make it better as the coming months go by!  

πŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ Oooops... One. Last. Thing.  ... We use MN as another communication method to give the very best customer service we can for our site:  Sew Like A Rock Star   As such, please help my team avoid playing "Where's Waldo" if you need our help by using the same first and last name and email address that you use on the site.    🌺 THANK YOU! 🌺  

Thanks for being part of our community - hope to see you join in the fun and love! 

🌺  Sally & her Rock Star Team 🌺