Guide to Galleries and Uploads

Welcome to Sew Like a Rock Star's Project Gallery and Image Sharing Features!

This is a detailed overview of all the new features and how to use them.


You can jump to a specific section from this list.



Let's start with the very basics. First, what are galleries?

A gallery is a collection of pictures for a sewing project or other topic. Mastery Workshops and other courses on Sew Like a Rock Star each have a photo gallery that is shown in the lower portion of the Lesson Viewer.


Galleries in the Lesson Viewer


All of these project or other website galleries are Community Galleries. That means everyone can upload and share pictures in them!

There are other ways to get to the image galleries outside of the Lesson Viewer. There will always be a number of popular galleries accessible from the Home Page, but to see the full list you can select Image Galleries from the More menu at the very top.


The more menu at the top


Pictures from the galleries are displayed on the new Image Wall.


The new image wall


You will see certain icons and buttons at the top, and when you move over each of the images. These give you access to information about the image (or gallery) along with some handy functions.

Many of them are self-explanatory but others could use a quick summary.


Image overlay and icons


Let's have a look at what these are.

Views - This is how many times someone clicked on a picture or viewed the gallery image wall.

Comments - The number of comments for a particular item.

Favorite / Unfavorite - You can add as many images to your Favorites collection as you'd like. Learn more about Favorites below.

Thumbs-Up / Thumbs-Down - Do you like or dislike a picture? This is just a fun feature. Image ratings have no effect on that image's visibility or placement on the wall.

Share on Social Media - This opens a mini-menu of some handy links to share a picture or gallery on other websites such as Facebook.



To see any picture full-size you can click/tap on it from the Wall. This brings you to the Image Viewer, which is also where all of the comments and discussions take place.

There are lots of different things you can do in the Image Viewer so everything is accessed from buttons that are laid out on the sides of the screen. If you don't notice them at first, it's because we wanted to keep them out of the way in case all you want to do is look at a picture.


Image viewer buttons


Now that you do notice them, let's talk about what they do!

1. Show/Hide Info - If the picture's description, links and information box is getting in the way, you can hide it with this button.

2. Show/Hide Thumbstrip - There is a strip of thumbnail of images at the bottom that can be used to jump to other pictures in the gallery. It is hidden by default but this is a very nifty way to browse galleries!

3. Back - Go to the previous image in the gallery.

4. Back to Image Wall - Will usually take you to the wall for that gallery.

5. Show/Hide Comments - If you have registered a free Sew Like a Rock Star website account, you can post comments and reply to others that people have left. You don't have to be logged in to read comments.

6. Start/Stop Slideshow - This is another fun way to look through pictures from a gallery. You can even have the image comments be displayed during the slideshow!

7. Next - Go to the next image in the gallery.

Along with these buttons you'll also see some of the familiar icons from the Image Wall. There is a Favorites button and another one that looks like a quill. It opens up the Meme Creator for that picture.


Image viewer special icons



Meme Creator

We're never short of fun features here, and this is yet another one of them. You've no doubt seen at least one or two "meme" images in your time. If you haven't, this is your chance! We won't give the surprise away, but there are a few things to know once you're finished with your custom meme image.

Memes can be downloaded directly to your device, or you can save it to your account which will also add it to "Random" Community Gallery. You can always remove it from the gallery later.



You may have been using Favorites with sewing workshops since the start of our new website. As you probably already know, you can "Fav" any workshop lesson or video and easily find them again from your Favorites panel in the Lesson Viewer.

This is not a different Favorites system for images. Both images and workshop lessons can be added and even displayed together on the Image Wall.

There are also several places in the Member Area to view and manage your favorites. If you like something here on Sew Like a Rock Star, we want to make sure you can always find it again!


Uploading Images

As long as your photos and contributions are appropriate and relevant to sewing, you can upload and share as many as you'd like! It is a chance to show off your work, share some of your personal touches, or maybe help inspire some new ideas among fellow sewists. Or perhaps you saw something funny or interesting while sewing, or while at a retreat, that you think others might enjoy too.

Everyone with a registered account on Sew Like a Rock Star can upload pictures. You don't have to be a VIP or have any sort of membership for this privilege.

Keep in mind that whenever you share pictures in a Community Gallery, your Username and Profile Picture/Avatar will be displayed to others with your pictures. Usernames and avatars are also displayed next to comments. A username is a public nickname (your real name and email address are never shown to others) that everyone is allowed to change one time from Account Settings.

You can change your Profile Picture/Avatar from Profile Settings at any time.

There are a variety of galleries to upload images into. At the time of this writing, each Mastery Workshop or Weekend Warrior Project in the Lesson Viewer has its own gallery. The latest pictures from each are shown at the bottom, which is also where you can find a button to upload your own.


LV upload button


A list of galleries can be found from the menu in your Member Area. Clicking on a gallery's title will take you to the details page for that gallery, which is where you can begin uploading.


MA gallery list


This list from the Member Area includes all of the other galleries that are not in the Lesson Viewer. You are welcome to view and upload pictures to all of them! Here is a summary of some of the additional community galleries:

General - This is for pictures related to sewing, but not about a specific project. Machines, feet, fabric, new toys or tools, etc.

Other Projects - If you want to share something you're working on, or have worked on, feel free to share it here as long as there isn't already another project gallery made for it.

Retreats - Sewing retreats! If your picture shows other people that can clearly be recognized, you probably want to get their permission first before you upload the photo since this is a public gallery. It is all about the fun and interesting things that happen at sewing retreats, not about the people who were there.

Sewing Spaces - Everyone loves seeing creative ways of handling storage and workspaces in unique areas. If you notice something interesting that you want to ask about you can do so in the picture's comments. The owner of the image will probably respond!

Random - For everything else, as long as it is relevant to sewing in some way.


There are 5 rules for uploading images.

1. Images must be considered "generally safe for work". No nudity, extreme obscenities or illegal content is permitted. Keep it tasteful and respectful.

2. You may not knowingly upload copyrighted work that you do not own. Please make sure uploaded images belong to you, or are public domain.

3. Only upload relevant images into the community galleries. If you post an inappropriate image in a community gallery, it will be removed.

4. Images containing confidential information are not allowed. First names and websites are okay. Phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, credit card numbers and license plate numbers are not okay.

5. Do not upload pictures that clearly depict other people outside of your family in a recognizable way, unless you have their permission.



Comments are a new social feature that allow you to interact with others on Sew Like a Rock Star. If you find a picture that interests you, you can leave a comment or ask a question about it. Comments can be replied to, including by the image owner. You can even have complete discussions all within comments!

Since we try to maintain a family-friendly website, or at least one that is safe for work, you might occasionally see certain words being censored. Our censor is not perfect and sometimes it thinks it sees words within other words. So don't be alarmed if you see censored letters in some comments. There is a chance it could be a false detection, but it's better to be safe than sorry. At least by default.

By default, language censoring is turned on for both anonymous guests and registered account holders. If you have a free website account, you can turn the language censor off from your Account Settings.


Language censoring aside, there are still some rules you must abide by if you decide to join in.

1. Keep it on topic. Comments that start getting derailed and going into political discussions, etc. will end up being deleted.

2. Keep it tasteful and respectful. No attacks on other people or their work. No comments that are intended to be offensive or vulgar.

3. No spam, direct advertising or website links. Any links are automatically deleted by the system. If you are wanting to recommend a product or company to someone, it is okay to tell them the name or what to search for in order to find it.


Managing Your Images

Over time you will probably accumulate quite a collection of uploaded images that you've added to various galleries. We try to make it easy to browse through them and search for specific images by offering some sorting, filtering and searching options.

This can be found from Your Images in the Member Area.


Image Manager


You can see how many views, comments and favorites your images have from here. At the top-right of the box you'll see your image's submission status (more info below).

The star means that your image is featured and is included in all of the image walls for that gallery.

Below the gallery name there will be at least two grey buttons.


Image Manager Tile


One will open the image in the website's image viewer, which is where you'd go to read and post comments. The other button with the pencil will take you to the details and settings page for that image. If it is not in a gallery then there will be a third button to delete.

Pictures that are in galleries cannot be deleted so you will have to remove them first.

From the image's Details and Settings (aka the "Edit" page), you can add/change the description to be shown to other people when they are looking at your picture.

There is a panel called Settings, although they don't exactly work the way you would expect them to. At least not for now, it is safer to leave the settings the way they are.

The next panel will give you some useful links in case you want to see your picture in the viewer or on the gallery wall.


Image Submission Queue

In order to keep this a safe and enjoyable environment for all, uploaded images that are shared in community galleries must go through a brief new image submission process.

When an image has been freshly uploaded it will be in Queued status. Our staff will ensure that all uploaded images adhere to the rules before giving them the stamp of approval, which typically occurs within a few hours after the upload.

While an image is in the submission queue it will not be visible in the gallery or to other people. Once it has been approved it will become visible for others to see and will automatically appear on the wall.

Images that are rejected will not get deleted, but they won't be shown in the gallery either. You will usually receive a note explaining why an image was rejected. We don't anticipate it happening very often though.


In Closing

That concludes this quick guide to the new project galleries and image sharing features. We hope you have as much fun with them as we did putting it all together for you!

We really do want to help everyone to become the sewing rock stars we know you can be, and being able to share, interact, inspire and exchange new ideas with the sewing community here is a big step in that direction, with many more to come soon.