Free BSBA Enrollment for Previous Customers


If you enrolled in the $10 Facebook class for this project, we would like to give you free access to this workshop on our new platform, beginning on the day the workshop goes live.

Please note:  the $10 purchase of the original Facebook class DOES NOT grant access to the Sally Sew-A-Long scheduled for October 20th.  The most inexpensive way to participate in the Sew-A-Long is to purchase this new workshop.

If you are only interested in getting the Workshop Videos (and NOT participating in the interactive, LIVE Sally Sew-A-Long or it’s recordings), then please… just follow the directions below and we’ll get you on board.

It’s important that you give us enough information so that we can migrate you into this course.

You’ll then see your access in your Member Area sometime in October.


Please send an email to with the following information:

- First and Last Name

- Your username that you use here, on

- The email address you use here, on

- The name you use on Facebook for our groups

- The email address you may have used on Facebook in 2016-17

- The email address you used with PayPal

- Notes:  Anything else you think would be helpful for us to know


After you send this email please give us a chance to review it and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.