​Frequently Asked Questions: 

Please explain your patterns &  membership options.

Founded in 2017, Our SewLikeARockStar site is the amazing result of a fantastic community of members and customers that are contributing to its success.
We are a small team of people - dedicated to helping our members have fun and learn sewing techniques in a unique way.
Our focus is on teaching fundamental sewing procedures and helping sewists of all levels learn, enjoy and be proud of projects that shine with craftsmanship.
We are not a large corporation with millions of dollars of venture capital.  :)   We are here because of love and support from our members.
While individual patterns are available, the memberships support the expenses of the site and our staff:  customer service, web development, marketing & production.
We appreciate the members of every level.   If you're just starting out with us, we understand that you might like to try us first.
We appreciate you and want you to enjoy your time with us.
We truly work hard to offer different levels of participation to have something for everyone:

1.  Patterns,  Embroidery Designs, Weekend Warrior Projects or Mastery Workshops.
Each of these may be purchased separately as you desire. 
If purchased separately, you will have lifetime access to that product.
When revisions and additional "treats" are are added to these projects, you will automatically have access.
Read each project description carefully before purchasing, please.

2.  Rock Star Rewards (RSR)
This is our program for our members that would like to support the site by accessing our Weekend Warrior Projects as well as getting full access to all of our basics videos.
Weekend Warrior Projects (WWPs) are fun, relatively quick projects to make in a weekend (or less) to give immediate gratification
WWPs usually include video instruction as well as necessary patterns and/or PDFs to create project
WWPs may include future revisions - follow our emails and facebook group to stay in the loop:   facebook.com/groups/sewmuchnicer
RSR Level 1:  $18/year    Receive access to the most current Weekend Warrior Projects as well as full access to all basics videos.
RSR Level 2:  $36/year    Receive access to the three newest Weekend Warrior Projects as well as full access to all basics videos.
RSR Level 3:  $9/month  Full access to all Weekend Warrior Projects as well as full access to all basics videos.

3.  VIPs
This program gives full access to the regular sewing content on the site: Basics, Weekend Warrior Projects, and Mastery Workshops
VIPs also have access to their exclusive, Secret VIP-Only Facebook Group - lots of sharing and friendships abound in there.
VIPs also receive deeper discounts on speical products in our sister store:  shop.sewmuchnicer.com

VIP - $179 / year
VIP Gold - $79/month   Includes everything VIP as well as up to $300 rebates on retreats.  
VIP Specials - ocassionally, we offer specials on VIP program and trial passes.   
Renewals:  No refunds are given for prior purchases.  Any new purchase of VIP subscription will be added on to the end of your current subscription. 

Changing Levels:  
No refunds are offered for someone changing levels or programs.  

If I buy a VIP membership do I have to pay for the Workshops?

No. All regular weekend warrior projects and mastery workshops, which include all necessary patterns or PDFs to do the project(s), are included in your VIP membership.
We may offer special events, projects or webinars occasionally that may not be included in VIP.

Can I just buy the Workshops separately?

Yes! You can buy one or as many of the workshops you like without enrolling in our memberships.
VIP gives better value if you really enjoy working our projects and you also get extra perks as well.
See our membership options and product descriptions for complete details

How long does my membership last?

VIP membership is for one year. All other workshops are lifetime membership – lifetime meaning the lifetime of the site.

Can I upgrade to VIP at any time even if I already have a workshop?

Absolutely! You will still have permanent access to any previously purchased patterns, projects or workshops.   We are not able to refund the cost of your previous workshops or discount a VIP purchase if you upgrade to VIP.

Want to look for deals?  

Please always check in to our main community here:
  Sew Much Nicer Facebook Group  
There, you will find  any current applicable coupon codes available for VIP discounts.  

I have a general question about a project or workshop, where do I get help?

http://www.facebook.com/groups/sewmuchnicerOur group on facebook:  facebook.com/groups/sewmuchnicer  is a fabulous source of help by friendly people.

I have a private, account related question.   Where do I get help?
Any problems can be addressed by sending in an email with your detailed question to  support@sewlikearockstar.com

What if I forgot to use an available Coupon Code when checking out?

All sales are final.  Applicable Coupon Codes (if any) must be entered at time of your purchase – No exceptions.  Due to software/system limitations, we are no longer able to issue refunds for missed discounts or previous pattern or workshop purchases. Check the Facebook Group Page: Sew Much Nicer Community Pages for any current applicable discount coupon codes.  We gladly offer them to our members, but it is your responsibility to verify the correct amount of your purchase before finalizing payment.