Craftsy Chaos from Atlantis BOGO vs VIP

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Hey Everyone...


It's my LAST DAY of enjoying my first cruise. It's been a great time! I've met amazing people here and the education has been amazing. You'll see lots of cool features rolled out on from what we learned here!


I'm writing to you from an observation deck aboard the beautiful new ship - Norwegian Bliss. Here's my last "office view" for this trip... Atlantis in Nassau...


Atlantis photo


So let's get you all caught up with the last 24 hours...


In our previous episode... lol... you may have learned that Craftsy closed their Marketplace to thousands of us (sellers) and then had the wild idea that we designers should leave our patterns behind (but be locked out from them) so they could continue to distribute - without any controls or security in place - our work as they see fit. Well... $&@#. no. to that. So I got our best programmers on the job and we CREATED A SOLUTION!


On Dec 28th, we launched a way to let people connect the dots to their patterns from Craftsy on our site. All you have to do is log in or register on and the site will help you make your way to accessing your patterns from us that you bought on Craftsy with us in the future. You'll be in the loop for future freebies and all modifications that will happen - we could not offer this going forward with Craftsy. So how it works:


If you already own any products on our site, our system will now give you access to your Craftsy patterns with us, too. If you are new to us, a purchase is mandatory in order for the site to give you permission to access our PDF and workshop areas - it has always been set up that way. So to help the Craftsy folks meet that requirement, we made a little 88c item that will give you permanent access to your patterns.


While we are still migrating THOUSANDS more that are still making their way to us, we ask that you be a little patient with our emails. We are working on a better email system so we can "onboard" the new members without sending emails to everyone - possibly like yourself. We're not quite there, yet, with this process (and it doesn’t help that I’m traveling right now)... so PLEASE, if you are getting more emails than usual from us, just know that we're working to make this better SOON - hopefully within the next week or so. Please bear with us. :)


So to our newbies!!! WELCOME!


BONZA on the water


My BONZA! and Mojo are packed with the materials I need with me for this business cruise I'm on. I snapped this pic while in St Thomas yesterday.


When I get back, I can't WAIT to get these Mastery Workshops going! If you don't know much about what we do, please join our facebook groups... and


For today, let me just throw our current specials your way. Because there are so many people all coming in right now, we tweaked expiration dates a little so our newest members don't miss out.


It's GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!!!! BONZA! and MOJO Mastery Workshops ... check 'em out!


We do our best to make sure you enjoy your time with us!


With much love,


Sally (floating her way to Miami in the morning - and then back to Colorado!) and her Rock Star Team







Let me tell you about these, first, as they are the most time critical for you to consider.


The image above is of the actual new colors we are receiving this month! Yummy, aren't they?


These are colors and sizes that are not available anywhere else!!


Our sister store, is run by my son and his wife. MORE ZIPPERS CAME YESTERDAY!


Almost all of the new zipper colors (in all 4 sizes we carry!!!) Have rolled in! These are beautiful, custom colors that were chosen carefully to coordinate beautifully with Free Spirit’s Tula Pink “Zuma” fabric line that is crazy popular right now. Joel and Stacy are busy getting everything inventoried and into the shop... then we're gonna set it loose! Expect that to happen about Jan 20th or so... (that's my best guess.. you just have to stay tuned to the news in the shop FB group:



THE RELEASE of the new zipper stock - HOW IT WORKS:



• We will first announce in all of our groups that the items are live on the shop site when all of the THOUSANDS of them have been loaded into the store. Again, that's coming up soon!


Next, plan on the VIPs flying into action! lol.


• Remember, immediately, VIPs get a head start of at least 24 hours because they already have 60% off buying power on zippers - all of the time! Many of our VIPs say that the zippers are one of the best perks of being in our VIP membership program.


VIP Membership Information


If you’re thinking this might be a good thing for you, and you want to learn more, please know the COUPON CODE of VIP50 takes $50 off the yearly subscription of the VIP program! This one expires on Jan 15th. It’s wise to get it before you order zippers!


Annual VIP Membership


• For everyone else - you will get a 30% off coupon code for remaining zippers on the 2nd or 3rd day after release! Just know that those VIPs are crazy about zippers! So when zippers are released, there are two ways to buy them...


VIPs - 60% off


Everyone Else for the first 2-3 days - full price

Then, on the 2nd or 3rd day - everyone else gets a 30% coupon code to be able to buy anything else that is still left in stock.




When we launch these in a week or so, we will make it easier (just hit one button instead of 160 of them! lol) and add these new colors to your stash by ordering “bundles”.


THERE WILL BE A LIMITED NUMBER OF BUNDLES. - and wow, do they go fast!!! The VIPs cleaned out the bundles from the last shipment within about 4 hours of release.


Remember, these are new amazing colors - THAT NOBODY ELSE OFFERS!


Now that I’ve given Joel his dose of shameless promotion… lol…. The new colors coordinate beautifully with Tula Pink’s Zuma …I really enjoyed the happy colors! It was a joy to sew the new BONZA! Bionic Gear Bag from Zuma.






These will begin shortly after JAN 22 - Which is when we were given our “build” date by the cable modem company for our studio!


VIPs: Remember, your subscription covers all workshops and recordings!


Keep these in mind as you prepare your shopping lists at



Mojo Bags

Mojo Mastery Workshop - Now Available for Pre-Sale!


This is the MASTERY WORKSHOP (reg $79) that will contain the “Mojo Mods” (Mojo Modifications) as the year goes on to make over a dozen different frame sizes with dozens of other feature add-ons. At this time, we intend to release two or three Mods every month…look for the emails on Monday Mornings! MOJO MONDAYS, here we go!




Bionic Gear Bag Pro - now officially named BONZA! Now Available for Pre-Sale!


We’re super excited to offer you the BONZA! Bionic Gear Bag! This is a MASTERY WORKSHOP (reg $79) that will dive deeper into the theory of the hows and whys of creating a finished product that SHINES with craftsmanship. We will be taking time to study the use of different feet that will help you beat those seams into submission - it’s about time that machine does the heavy lifting of creating perfect seams, don’t you think?


The best tool for the job always helps you create a better end result. We’re here to help sewists of all levels enjoy learning great tips, tricks, and construction techniques that they will enjoy using on all of their future sewing projects.


If you have liked the BGB, you’re gonna LOVE the BONZA! With special construction features as well as “remodeled” interior, this new size of BGB will thrill you! Be sure to see the videos in your Secret VIP Facebook Group that show how awesome this bag is!


As always, VIPs get everything first… Patterns & Cutting Instructions always show up in the VIP Secret Group first!





Get ready to get your sew on!

Note expiration dates! Some are coming up soon!…


1. VIPs ONLY! Be sure to check your VIP group for the BONZA! / MOJO SPECIAL for frames!!!!



2. MASTERY WORKSHOP with BONUS - $59. (Reg $154)


COUPON CODE #1: BONZA20 will take $20 off the BONZA! Bionic Gear Bag.


COUPON CODE #2: MOJO20 will take $20 off the MOJO Mastery Workshop.


BONUS with the above: You will also get access to over 3.5 hours of our Basics Collection of tutorials - loaded with nifty tips, tricks, and hacks for learning or getting fabulous results. $75 value today, and more to come - always free with a purchase on our website.





COUPON CODE #3: BONZA! This is a BOGO - Buy One, Get One Free!


Use this coupon code during checkout for either the BONZA! or Mojo Mastery Workshops and get the other FREE


When you buy the Mojo or new BONZA! Mastery Workshop at full price, the other one will also be added to your Member Area so you have full access to both workshops!


BONUS #1 with this one - After purchase (check your email!) you will receive a $14 coupon code redeemable in the store for the "BONZA! Mojo Set" item.


This will give you one set of the frames for each of these projects FREE. (only pay shipping)


BONUS #2 - Access to Basics Collection of video tutorials. Over 3.5 hours of video in bite sized, focused topics - with more coming in 2019.



4. EXPIRING JAN 14th, 2019: Lifetime VIP Special


VIP Membership

Currently, it’s $397. No plans to offer this again. When/If we do, the price will be higher.


When you subscribe to this item, it gets added on to your current subscription.


Click here for Lifetime VIP Membership


The Lifetime VIP program is only offered as a special from time to time. We are monitoring it closely to make sure we provide value to all of our VIPs.



5. EXPIRING JAN 15th, 2019. VIP Yearly Subscription


VIP - $129 - FULL ACCESS TO EVERYTHING and 60% off zippers.. AND MORE

Past Price: $179. The current $129 special ends Jan 15th.


COUPON CODE of VIP50 takes $50 off.


VIP Membership Information


Think of any of your sewing friends who might want it? - They need to grab it now while they can.

Also good for renewals. No future specials planned at this time.


Regular Price Effective January 16th: $229


If you have any questions, there's a great group of about 15,000 of our nicest people on Facebook! and


PS… Feel free to forward this email to your sewing friends.