Sally's Sew-A-Long - BSBA - Recorded

Full access to the Sally's Sew-A-Long - Bionic Scrap Bin Accessory Recordings

Sally's Sew-A-Long - Bionic Scrap Bin Accessory will be recorded live. Soon afterwards, the recordings will be made available on Sew Like a Rock Star (split into multiple videos for easier viewing). By purchasing access now you will be among the first to have the ability to watch the recorded event as many times as you'd like, at your own leisure!
Lessons - 3
Course Length - 01:58:32
A live Sew-A-Long for making Bionic Scrap Bin!

This is a recording of the full live event on May 7th, 2019, edited for those who want to learn or follow along without having to fast-forward through all of the breaks and off-topic conversation.
This is currently not available for purchase.