Sally's Live Sew-A-Long Invitation Group

Receive spontaneous invites for ALL Live, Interactive Sally Sew-A-Long Events .

Sew-A-Long Schedule

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Scheduled Sew A Longs:

How they work:

In order to attend the live, interactive events, you must be subscribed to the Sally Sew A Long Invitation List Membership.
Once you subscribe, you will get an email that provides you an access invitation into our secret group on Mighty Networks.
Notifications to the invitations to each Sew A Long are sent out from there.
Be sure to have your notifications set as you desire so you don’t miss out!

Check the calendar on the home page of the site for accurate information as to when we are planning sessions.
The calendar may change - even at last minute - should we have staffing/technical/or other issues that affect our schedule.

The SCHEDULED Sew A Longs are Usually Recorded!

All VIPs, owners of the workshop for the specific project and current Sew A Long subscribers have access to the recordings in their “Your Items” area on the site as soon as they are published to the site.

ALL of our Projects are destined to have a Sew A Long.
We produce these as quickly as possible - as the project becomes a priority.
We are producing all of our past projects, too.

Discussion for Sally Sew A Longs

Upon subscribing, you will have access to the secret group in our Mighty Network.

DISCOUNTS on Mastery Workshops!!! (for those not VIP - they already have access)

Currently we have a 70% discount we are offering SSAL subscribers for Mastery Workshops.
This allows all SSAL subscribers to get the full PDFs and MW recordings as they become available.
SSALs for new projects may contain supporting PDFs for the SSAL. These are in the MW.

Join us for our new spontaneous Sew A Longs!

How it works:

As Sally works on creating videos for the workshops, she also will be inviting members in to have fun - live - on zoom while she sews.
Each session will be similar to our workshop lessons - in focused, bite-sized sessions.
These are live and INTERACTIVE.. ask questions about the topic of the session if you'd like!

- Our Sew A Longs are done live through Zoom and have limited seating.
- You must be subscribed to the invitation list in order to participate.
- Invitations will go out about 60-90 minutes before we start a Sew A Long.
- By subscribing, you will get notifications through the Sew A Long Invitation Secret Group on Mighty Networks (MN).
- The zoom link will be in the notification.. no more pre-registering, etc!
- Details will be in each notification.
- Typically, you may join the group up to 30 minutes before it starts. That is sewcial time!
- We may post a list of upcoming topics in the MN so you can keep an eye out for the things you're interested in.
- Be sure to join the group and set your notifications on MN and on your devices as you desire.

Miss one you want to see? All subscribers will also have the recordings added to their member area.These are FUN! And a great way to get to know other members!

EXPIRING SOON: The $79 intro offer...

Special deal for new annual subscribers (does not apply to monthly subscribers):
Exclusive 70% off coupon code for Mastery Workshop purchases is included - check your email! You will receive the code within 15 minutes of your annual subscription to the Sew-A-Long Invitation Group.

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