Rewards Member - Level 3 Enrollment

Rewards Member - Level 3

~REWARD~ Access to entire Weekend Warrior library!

This is a great reward for anyone that wants to get behind what we're doing here & would like to access any of the Weekend Warrior Projects as often as they'd like.

They say that success is finding a job that lets a person do what they love to do... and get paid. Well, what we have as a focus is helping other people. The sewing is the "excuse" that brings lots of people together, helps soothe people that need comfort, helps reduce stress, and it's amazing how often we hear about people that look towards their interactions with us as a distraction from things that are not-so-good going on in their lives. We're proud that we are creating a space to do good out there.

We appreciate those of you that help free us to focus on creating more of what we do best.. creating great sewing videos that teach processes on the way to building a project to be proud of.

We're glad you're here. Your support helps cover costs of operating expenses, legal tender to the staff, and will help us grow into new studio space.


-Sally and her Rock Star Team

Included with this Membership:

Lessons - 26
Course Length - 03:39:09

A collection of useful tips and videos, free to all customers who have purchased something from Sew Like a Rock Star!

Lessons - 5
Course Length - 26:35

In this workshop, you will learn a fast, easy and enjoyable way of making fabric for your projects from selvedges!

Using decorative stitches, you may choose to embellish your fabric even more!

The end result is having a great piece of fabric to use for all sorts of projects – especially good for the use in accessories used for sewing.

Get this Weekend Warrior Project for only $9 (instead of $19).

We are extending a $10 discount on this workshop while we are launching this new section of our site! Get ‘er while you can… or…. join the Rock Star Rewards Program (Level 3 or above) to get unlimited access to all of the WWPs.

Lessons - 31
Course Length - 03:18:47

Get this Bionic Essentials (Mojo) Bag Weekend Warrior Project for only $19.

With this purchase (or enrollment in Level 3 or higher of our Rock Star Rewards program) you will gain full access to all the videos in this project.

Learn Boxed Bottoms, Best Ever Zipper Tabs, Internal Purse Frames and lots of other tips and tricks on your way towards making this 8x5x5in. versatile bag. Very giftable and relatively fast to make!

Lessons - 3
Course Length - 01:48:26
Join in this fun and social Live Sew-A-Long as we do the third Weekend Warrior Project, Rope Bowls, with these professionally-edited video recordings of the event! You'll learn some great tricks and tips for making your own rope bowls, general sewing advice and techniques, project show and tell by some of the participants, and plenty of laughs.

All VIPs and live attendees will already have access to WWP-3: Rope Bowls, but you can get these new videos added to your account here on for life, for a nice low price (it helps cover the expenses of such productions!).

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  • WWP-01: Creating Selvage Edge Yardage
  • WWP-02: Bionic Mojo Bag
  • WWP-03: Rope Bowl
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