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Rewards Member - Level 1

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Each WWP is sold separately and has a $19 value. You will have immediate, full access to view the current workshop for the WWP as well as the pre-recorded show for it. View each new workshop as it becomes available until it is replaced by the next new project!

The costs of running a site like we have is a shocker to most people. Total expenses for our site - including web services, video services, credit card fees, and spreading the legal tender with our amazing staff and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff (paper clips... lol) - runs about $6,700 a month. Believe it or not, your buck helps put a nick into that. :)

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-Sally and her Rock Star Team

Included with this Membership:

Lessons - 26
Course Length - 03:39:09

A collection of useful tips and videos, free to all customers who have purchased something from Sew Like a Rock Star!

Lessons - 3
Course Length - 01:48:26
Join in this fun and social Live Sew-A-Long as we do the third Weekend Warrior Project, Rope Bowls, with these professionally-edited video recordings of the event! You'll learn some great tricks and tips for making your own rope bowls, general sewing advice and techniques, project show and tell by some of the participants, and plenty of laughs.

All VIPs and live attendees will already have access to WWP-3: Rope Bowls, but you can get these new videos added to your account here on for life, for a nice low price (it helps cover the expenses of such productions!).

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