If I buy a VIP membership do I have to pay for the Workshops?

No. All workshops are included in your VIP membership. The only thing that IS NOT included is the Smile Project which is raising money for someone to be given their smile back.


Can I just buy the Workshops separately?

Yes! You can buy one or as many of the workshops you like without becoming a VIP if you don’t want to. VIP does give better value and you also get extra perks as well.


How long does my membership last?

VIP membership is for one year. All other workshops are lifetime membership – lifetime meaning the lifetime of the site.


Can I upgrade to VIP at any time even if I already have a workshop?

Yes! Unfortunately we are no longer able to refund the cost of your previous workshops if you upgrade to VIP. Please always check in the Facebook Groups or at support@sewmuchnicer.com to see if there are any coupon codes available for VIP discounts as there usually are.


I can’t get into my dashboard / account / my memberships aren’t showing, What do I do?

Any problems can be addressed by sending in a support ticket to