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Sew-A-Long: Binding Intensive
Lessons in Workshop: 6
Running Time: 1hr 39mins

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This Sew-A-Long is all about how to get exceptional binding results from start to finish to every time!
One of our more popular topics, the Binding Intensive is *the* place to learn how to get professional results using proper tools for the job! Needle choices, foot choices, machine settings and other tips and tricks are discussed in detail to help you achieve craftsmanship you can be proud of!

This is a recording of the full live event on October 27th, 2018, edited for those who want to learn or follow along without having to fast-forward through all of the breaks and off-topic conversation.
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# Title Length
1BI SSAL - Part 120:10
2BI SSAL - Part 215:09
3BI SSAL - Part 316:56
4BI SSAL - Part 416:17
5BI SSAL - Part 517:01
6BI SSAL - Part 613:55
6 Lessons in Sew-A-Long: Binding Intensive
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