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Amazing Quilter's Retreat BGB - Mother Lode
Lessons in Workshop: 59
Running Time: 8hrs 10mins

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This is larger than the original Bionic Gear Bag and is a feature-rich, glorious bag to take all of your essentials with you when you go to retreats or classes.

This is a feature-rich, glorious bag to take all of your essentials with you when you go to retreats or classes.. or for anytime you’ve set up your sewing machine away from home. Or heck.. even in your home sewing room! This bag is larger than the original Bionic Gear Bag. It is designed to hold implements upright, rulers up to 12.5in. long, your threads, scissors, rotary cutters.. etc.. basically everything you’d need for a fun day of sewing!

The workshop includes:

  • Supporting, downloadable PDFs for cutting instructions & pattern piece
  • Videos are on the site now with thorough instructions for every step of the project’s construction!
  • *Loads* of cool sewing tips and tricks!
  • Videos are recorded… come back and watch as often as you like!
  • You will have access to the cutting instructions and prep work for this workshop.
  • Source links for materials & tools used.
  • Show and Tell!  Share pics of your finished project with everyone else!
  • Enjoy and have fun… join us!
You will get full access to these locked lessons:
# Title Length
1Starters and Enders1:38
2Seam Ripping 1014:52
3Adhesives and Syringes7:21
4Stitch in the Ditch Feet6:22
5Machine Stitched Bindings: Blind Hem vs. SID Foot4:04
6Zipper Sizes2:55
7Fork U5:17
8Cutting Tips 1015:46
9Using Fabric Templates4:40
10Batting vs SF101 for Exterior1:36
11Exterior Size Option Explained2:51
12Anatomy of the Mother Lode4:47
13Optional Trash Bin and Handle1:51
14Directional Pattern Piece Considerations5:39
15Fussy Cut 'A' - Larger Option5:32
16Exterior 'A' Prep: Piece, Press, Cut Interfacing Trick7:14
17Sewing Dream Machine: The Heat Press6:11
18Fussy Cutting 'B' & 'C'8:00
19Marking Cut Pieces2:28
20Choosing Dividers vs ZP's1:53
21Interfacings Used in ML1:47
22Cutting Interfacing3:59
23Fusing Interfacing: Iron vs Press8:11
24Interior Divider12:03
25Tip for Cutting Vinyl3:55
26Non-Stick Sewing Machine Feet Options7:40
27Vinyl Pocket Option15:18
28Completed Divider Example2:30
291/4in. Seams with Zipper Feet8:17
30ZP: Zipper Length Choice & Assembly8:54
31ZP: Zipper Install – Front13:05
32ZP: Zipper Install – Back7:56
33ZP: Topstitch with SID Foot4:14
34ZP: Measure & Sew Bottom7:24
35Completed Divider & ZP Example2:48
36Divider #4: Tool Holder Option1:03
37Divider #4: Tool Holder Assembly11:47
38Lining Assembly to #4 Divider1:25
39Vinyl Pocket for 3×5 Cards9:25
40Zipper Install Tips4:20
41Adding Peltex to Stabilize ZP3:17
42Lining Assembly: Squaring Up6:31
43Lining Assembly: Temp Side Seams5:59
44Visual: Lining Assembly4:37
45Overview of Side Panel1:58
46Side: Stitch, Trim, Turn6:36
47Side: Press, Topstitch, Temp Seam9:43
48Side: Prep – Press Pleats8:14
49Preview: Adding Sides to Lining1:37
50Add Sides to Lining – 1 of 335:10
51Add Sides to Lining – 2 of 319:16
52Add Sides to Lining – 3 of 325:12
53Preview: Add Exterior to Lining1:57
54Exterior to Lining: Fit & Temp Seam23:49
55Sample VIP Session: Side Bindings01:09:02
56Layering the Exterior Zipper Install1:12
57Place & Install: Exterior Zipper & Binding21:42
58Zipper Tabs: Construction & Fit14:38
59Thank You2:44

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Mother Lode Workshop   VIP   Premium Trial   Gold Lifetime Membership  
59 Lessons in Amazing Quilter's Retreat BGB - Mother Lode
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